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Enron: Another Final Chapter

Ex-shareholders get a drop of solace in the form of $7.2 billion in settlements.

October 1, 2008

Former Enron shareholders got a little payback last month when a federal judge approved the distribution of $7.2 billion in settlements. Like so much else about Enron, the case is historic, representing the largest settlement ever in U.S. securities litigation, according to the Securities Class Action Clearinghouse at Stanford University. Read more...

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  • The StoneRidge Case: Whom Do You Trust?

    That'll be a harder question to answer if a securities-fraud case in front of the Supreme Court tilts in the plaintiffs' favor. October 9, 2007

  • Supreme Court Delays Enron Case

    Justices decide not to address a shareholder suit against three banks once associated with Enron in their current term, but leave open the possibility of dealing with it this fall. June 26, 2007

  • Bush, SEC Differ in Fraud Liability Case

    The SEC voted to support investors in a Supreme Court case that could determine liability for Enron's "secondary actors," but Bush believes regulators should handle the issue, not the plaintiffs' bar. June 13, 2007

  • DoJ Stifles SEC Message to High Court

    The Bush administration let the deadline pass for filing an amicus brief that would have supported Enron shareholders in a Supreme Court case addressing whether "secondary actors" can be held liable for another company's fraud. June 12, 2007

  • SEC to Side with Investors in Enron Case

    The SEC reportedly will support Enron shareholders in a Supreme Court case addressing whether banks, auditors, vendors, and other "secondary actors" can be held liable for another company's fraud. June 4, 2007

  • Fall Lineup Includes Secondary Actors

    The outcome of lawsuits against Enron's business partners could be determined later this year when the Supreme Court hears an unrelated case. June 1, 2007

  • Fraudster Kicks Enron While It's Down

    For filing false invoices with the bankrupt company, he receives a prison term longer than those of most defendants involved in Enron's earlier misdeeds. April 20, 2007

  • Ken Lay's Assets Up for Grabs

    Prosecutors maintain that the assets are tied to Enron's massive fraud; his widow asserts that they were transferred to her after his death last July. April 18, 2007

  • Trash Authority Makes Best of Enron Deal

    An agreement to buy power from a Connecticut trash-to-energy facility collapsed when the Houston-based company filed for bankruptcy. March 30, 2007

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