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  • After 16 Years, a CFO Returns

    Andy Bishop first ran finance for Hallador Petroleum in the early 1990s. Now he's back in the same job, but the company has changed dramatically. November 30, 2009

  • A CFO's Strategy: Verticals Within Verticals

    Lawson Software's Rob Schriesheim keeps the focus on six customer markets, allocating capital where growth prospects are strongest, and slashing costs with aggressive offshoring. November 12, 2009

  • "We've Got to Find the Middle Ground"

    In his new book, Too Big to Save?, Robert Pozen proposes fixes for the biggest financial crisis of our lifetimes. November 10, 2009

  • Inside the Mind of a Strategic CFO

    Using his background in corporate planning, Rich Fearon has helped Eaton Corp. cut its auto-industry exposure and boost its involvement in the electrical-efficiency business. November 5, 2009

  • "The Worst Is Behind Us."

    Networking giant Cisco Systems is emerging from the recession with a new focus on the future. An interview with Frank Calderoni, EVP and CFO at the company. November 1, 2009

  • You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

    But we do need a national energy policy to stimulate wind, solar, and other renewable fuel projects, says Acciona Energy North America's CFO, Susan Nickey. October 28, 2009

  • A Crash Course in Working Capital

    Karen Daniel, CFO of privately held Black & Veatch, is a stickler for GAAP and wants every manager to understand how their daily tasks affect corporate working capital. October 28, 2009

  • Doing What Needs Doing: A CFO as Sales Boss

    A software firm's finance and operations chief puts himself on the front lines of customer interaction. His other passion: carefully nurturing the company's ESOP. October 27, 2009

  • Waiting for the Dough

    The CFO of a start-up maker of medical devices is prepared for years of intense capital-raising efforts and tough cost-allocation decisions on the way to profitability. October 16, 2009

  • Ops-Savvy CFO Flies High

    ThyssenKrupp Aerospace's Doug Penner spends his time educating business-unit managers about finance and tailoring processes to the company's operational needs. October 14, 2009

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