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  • Slouching Toward Recovery

    CFOs see several positive economic signs, but employment isn't one of them. April 1, 2010

  • On the Mend

    Finance chiefs in the latest Duke/CFO survey see signs of a strengthening recovery, but employment continues to lag. March 3, 2010

  • The Long and Grinding Road

    Modest signs of recovery emerge, along with more signals of distress. February 1, 2010

  • Baby Steps

    CFOs report early signs of recovery, but the employment outlook remains bleak. December 16, 2009

  • Looking Up

    Finance chiefs are more optimistic for the second straight quarter, but the employment picture remains bleak. October 1, 2009

  • CFOs Put on a Happy Face

    Although finance chiefs around the world are growing more optimistic, the employment picture remains bleak. September 15, 2009

  • Waiting for a Sign

    CFOs are feeling much better than they were last quarter, but their plans still reflect plenty of caution. July 15, 2009

  • CFOs Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst

    Finance chiefs are feeling a lot better than they were last quarter, but recovery is still a long way off. June 3, 2009

  • Hope Returning to Exec-level CPAs, with an Asterisk

    CFOs, controllers, and other top-level CPAs say they're getting cheerier about the economy generally, yet their views on the time frame for a recovery haven't budged. May 13, 2009

  • Top Ten Concerns of CFOs

    Finance executives' biggest worries? Cash, cash and cash. May 11, 2009

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