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  • Are Captive REITs Kaput?

    States in search of tax revenue are probing whether capitve real estate investment trusts pass muster. June 27, 2007

  • Deals: It's the Real (Estate) Thing

    In our M&A Roundup for the week ending June 1, REIT buyouts account for two of the top 10, while another deal helps Wachovia form the world's largest brokerage. June 4, 2007

  • The REIT Stuff

    A quick turnaround last year by the new team at Mills Corp. led to its sale, and also to the need for nearly everyone to find a new job. May 10, 2007

  • FASB, IASB Begin Rethinking Leases

    The accounting standard setters take another step toward amending lease accounting, though a new standard remains at least two years away. April 26, 2007

  • Real Estate: Give and Take

    As property emerges as a liquid asset class, CFOs have many more, and more complex, choices about how to manage it. April 6, 2007

  • Green America: Waking Up and Catching Up

    Belatedly, and for many reasons, America is embracing environmentalism. January 29, 2007

  • Back Office for Sale

    Service providers are on the lookout for companies willing to sell their shared-service centers. November 21, 2006

  • Take My Desk — Please

    By rethinking office design, companies are cutting real-estate costs by nearly half. October 1, 2006

  • Striking a Balance on the Build-Out

    As rents rise across the country, CFOs are negotiating more aggressively to save money on the cost of outfitting new office space. February 8, 2006

  • FIN 47: The Future Is Now

    Under the new standard, many companies may have to book future cleanup costs, whether or not they can be ascertained today. February 6, 2006

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