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  • IT as Utility

    If you want to see the future of tech, study the history of the electric power business, says one writer. Plus: the real cost of integrating ERP apps; educating employees through game-playing. June 15, 2003

  • What CFOs Can Do About Spam

    If Congress can't stem the tide of junk E-mail, what can CFOs do? More than you'd think. June 12, 2003

  • Addicted to Options

    Debate over expensing stock options rages on, but do established IT companies really need to dole them out? June 5, 2003

  • Educating Data

    XBRL promises to bring a little context to numbers. And yes, that's a good thing. May 29, 2003

  • Disaster Recovery: What, Us Worry?

    Survey shows corporations woefully unprepared for IT outages. Plus: ERP jockeying, SCM spending, JDE under-performing. May 15, 2003

  • So What is a Centrino, Anyway?

    The verdict on Intel's new wireless technology? Promising and confusing. May 8, 2003

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