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Should CFOs Be Interested in Pinterest?

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, the third-most-popular social-networking site in the United States doesn't charge businesses a dime to adertise their goods and services on its Pinboards. What's the catch? A lack of useful metrics.

August 30, 2012

CFOs may not know it, but their company has probably been pinned.

Someone, somewhere, has likely taken a liking (or disliking) to your product or service (as long as there's an image for it on your web site), and has shared that image with his friends on the social-networking site Pinterest. After all, with more than 23 million users (up from 1 million in June 2011), it's the third-largest social-networking site in the United States, after Facebook and Twitter. But unlike Facebook's ads, sponsored stories, and promoted posts, and Twitter's promoted Tweets, trends, and accounts, you didn't spend one penny to get your company in front of some percentage of those 23 million Pinterest users. Read more...

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