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  • Payments to Protect a Corporate Reputation

    Shelling out extra capital to prop up a company's reputation is tax deductible in many cases – even if the taxpaying corporation garners longer-term benefits. January 11, 2010

  • Best of 2009: CFO Magazine

    A selection of the best articles printed in one of the worst years in memory. December 30, 2009

  • As Capex Slows, Free Cash Margin Rises

    Companies have hit the brakes hard on capital spending, resulting in improved free cash flow as a percentage of revenue, according to a new study. December 23, 2009

  • Bridging the Finance-IT Gap

    As a senior executive in the group that oversees the finances of Nationwide Insurance's IT operations, William Miller tries to promote mutual understanding between finance staffers and techies. December 17, 2009

  • CFOs Embrace Change and the Spotlight

    Finance executives rising from the downturn's ashes have changed companies' culture, business models, and their own expectations. November 25, 2009

  • CFOs Look to Black Friday with One Eye Open

    With the up-front decisions made for the holiday season, retail finance chiefs have low expectations but also can't ignore the hype. November 24, 2009

  • Business Models Matter (for Accounting, That Is)

    With the first in a trio of rules on financial instruments, the IASB requires companies to evaluate their business model before abandoning fair-value accounting. November 13, 2009

  • Where's the Cash? Look Behind You

    A new law gives corporations a chance to apply net operating losses to income generated in good years, going back to 2003. November 11, 2009

  • Companies Play Credit Catch-Up

    Credit managers see a positive sign of economic growth as their customers begin to pay off their overdue balances. November 3, 2009

  • When Is a Lease a Lease?

    The answer will prove pivotal to companies' balance sheets when a new lease accounting standard comes out. November 2, 2009

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