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  • Let's Be Clear: There Is a TARP Tax Exception

    Once again, the IRS makes it clear that loss companies that enter the government bailout program won't have the same restrictions on using net operating losses as other companies. February 9, 2009

  • To Make Investors Happy, Hire a Woman as CFO?

    New research suggests that certain actions by companies create more shareholder value when a woman, not a man, is at the finance helm. February 9, 2009

  • Triple Trouble

    Are AAA ratings bad for firms’ health? February 6, 2009

  • Convertibles Rule Weighs Down Earnings

    A new study says FASB's rule rewrite is a drag on corporate profits. February 5, 2009

  • Six Degrees of Bernie Madoff

    Do you know anyone on the Madoff customer list? February 5, 2009

  • Buying Time

    Will swallowing Wyeth cure Pfizer? February 4, 2009

  • Citi's Amazing Smith Barney Gain

    Citi's recorded gain from the Morgan Stanley joint venture deal is more than double its cash outlay thanks to a new accounting rule. February 3, 2009

  • Who Put the Brakes on Capex Spending?

    The number of capital-intensive companies that halted capex spending reached 42 in 2007. February 3, 2009

  • The Big Owe

    Rio Tinto's hefty debts have pushed it to seek investment from China. February 3, 2009

  • Here Comes the Sun

    Inventive and opportunistic M&A may get more opportunities in turbulent times, but CFOs should prepare for questioning from an investor community wary of surprises. February 2, 2009

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