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  • The Greening of Materiality

    The SEC calls on companies to predict the legislative process when determining whether to disclose risks related to climate change. March 1, 2010

  • Nonplussed by Non-GAAP

    CFOs are dismayed and discouraged by the SEC's approach to non-GAAP reporting. March 1, 2010

  • Who's Minding Risk?

    Some experts say audit committees take on too many risk-management duties. The SEC's new proxy-disclosure rule should shed more light on the issue. February 22, 2010

  • Hot Topic: Climate-Change Disclosure

    The SEC's controversial guidance on disclosing climate-change risks could generate heat as well as light. February 19, 2010

  • Congress to Debate Companies' Speech and Spending Rights

    A Supreme Court decision overturning limits on corporate campaign spending sparks a flurry of proposals on Capitol Hill, including a call for a constitutional amendment. February 2, 2010

  • SEC Comes Clean on Climate Disclosures

    The regulator is preparing to release guidance on how companies should reveal their climate-change risks. January 27, 2010

  • Fair Value: Eyes Wide Open

    Expect more footnotes this annual-report season, as FASB releases its new rules on fair-value disclosures. January 22, 2010

  • Will the SEC Get Personal?

    Stung by the scuttling of its Bank of America settlement, the regulator may step up its scrutiny of individuals. December 15, 2009

  • No More Lenience on Pay Disclosure: SEC

    The regulator pledges to finally get tough on the enforcement of its three-year-old compensation-disclosure rules. November 11, 2009

  • Mixed Signals: A New Reason to Revisit Materiality

    A report says most restatements made on the sly have only a minor negative effect on net income. So, were the fixes even necessary, especially in light of complaints that investors are suffering from information overload? September 24, 2009

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