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  • Turning Up the Volume on Whisper Numbers

    Markets may move more on accumulated investor opinions than on consensus analyst forecasts, a new study finds. February 24, 2006

  • Disclose Earlier, Cut Your Damages Later

    Revealing the possibility of bad news before it becomes a certainty can mitigate damages in the event of a securities class-action lawsuit, suggests a new study. February 22, 2006

  • SEC Proposing Revamped Pay Disclosure

    If all goes as planned, proxies will be required to display the monetary value of top executives' stock options right next to salary and bonus figures. January 17, 2006

  • How Markets Punish Material Weaknesses

    A new report examines shortcomings that lead to losses in share price; Sarbanes-Oxley requirements are understood poorly by investors, say some observers. July 21, 2005

  • Where Material Weaknesses Really Matter

    Some experts believe that during the 2005 annual-report season, many companies may be required to report material weaknesses in their internal controls -- and that those disclosures will hurt those companies' credit ratings and share prices. November 18, 2004

  • Shelter Fallout

    How much will the government's crackdown on tax shelters affect ordinary companies? More than you think. November 1, 2004

  • Airing Out ''Mothballed'' Facilities

    A proposed accounting standard might have companies looking twice at factories and other buildings that have been temporarily shuttered. October 25, 2004

  • Raising Red Flags

    As they identify control weaknesses, companies find a common one: inadequate finance staffs. September 1, 2004

  • Investment Insight

    Is Corporate America adequately managing employee pension funds? August 1, 2004

  • Filing Ever Faster

    New deadlines for 10-Ks and 10-Qs have finance departments scrambling. But who will benefit? April 19, 2004

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