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  • Opening the Books

    An attempt to make accounting a popular pastime. November 17, 2006

  • New 10-K Deadline Pressures Firms

    The final phase-in of the SEC filing deadlines for 10-Ks is raising anxiety and the chance that more companies will request extensions. November 15, 2006

  • SAB 108: Material Whirl

    The SEC's guidance on how to deal with cumultative errors could result in larger restatements. November 10, 2006

  • Uncertainty Reigns Over Taxes

    Controllers are wary about accounting guidance for uncertain tax positions that was supposed to lessen confusion and varied practices. November 7, 2006

  • A Farewell to Perks?

    The SEC's new compensation-disclosure rules could mean the end of luxurious wine cellars and questionable stipends. November 7, 2006

  • SEC Enforcement Declines 8.9 Percent

    But the regulator went 10-0 in the courtroom this year, despite shrinking staffing levels. November 3, 2006

  • PCAOB Reveals What's Next for AS2

    The upcoming amendment to AS2 aims for efficient and high-risk audits. October 27, 2006

  • Companies Fire Back at Backdating Report

    The Corporate Library takes heat from companies it ties to the stock-options scandal — and decides to add a clarification. October 27, 2006

  • Pay Dirt

    As the SEC shines a light on executive compensation, will companies clean up their acts or find new ways to hide excess? October 1, 2006

  • How Much is that Error on the Books?

    Following new SEC guidance, companies have a new way to 'fess up on errors in their next 10-K. September 14, 2006

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