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  • Productivity Growth and the Bottom Line

    Most of the benefits of America's productivity growth have not gone into companies' pockets. May 10, 2002

  • Details, Details

    Transaction data doesn't usually play well with others. Here's how some companies are getting around the problem. May 7, 2002

  • A B&P Camelot?

    Having an ASP-based budgeting system frees VoiceStream's IT department to tend to customers. May 6, 2002

  • Collaborative Budgeting

    The concept of collaborative budgeting may be both a great idea and a royal pain. But it doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon. May 6, 2002

  • CFOs See Slower Turnaround, Says Survey

    Finance chiefs also envision more spending cuts--and some pretty skimpy bonuses--in 2002. December 18, 2001

  • Convincing Employees to Switch Software

    Many new software applications combine budgeting, forecasting, analytics, business intelligence, and collaboration. About the only thing this software can't do is make employees use it. December 1, 2001

  • Fudge Budgets

    New B&P systems may put an end to padded projects. November 30, 2001

  • Vision Thing

    The quest for more accurate forecasts. August 1, 2001

  • Building Budgets on the Web

    When companies are in a hurry, it can make sense to farm their budgeting process to an application service provider. July 9, 2001

  • When Software Lets You Count Your Costs to the Penny

    Hickory Farms got a better handle on its overhead costs when it upgraded its budgeting software. July 9, 2001

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