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  • How Successful Companies Innovate

    Rather than chasing wonder new products, big companies should focus on making lots of small improvements. April 23, 2004

  • The Great Inflatable Service Bill

    Are companies paying too much for services? in the wake of recent billing scandals, CFOs could be forgiven for suspecting that they are. April 22, 2004

  • Why Is Your CIO Ticked Off?

    Or, what your CIO would really like to say to you if only the job market were better. April 21, 2004

  • New Options for Leasing IT Gear

    Leasing IT gear is more popular than ever, thanks to a host of new options. But more for lessees is not guaranteed. April 14, 2004

  • The Big Sleep

    With the economy on the upswing, business managers look to revive IT projects. It's not always easy. April 7, 2004

  • Can a Business Grow Without IT?

    Well, OK, there is. But don't tell the Seattle-area bank that said no to ATMs, E-mail, and Web access. Can it continue to grow and remain monumentally frugal? April 6, 2004

  • Baseball's Economic Model Is a Mess

    Forget steroids. It's spending that has baseball in a bind. April 5, 2004

  • Your Place or Mine?

    Telecommuting can produce real savings, but employees are now reluctant to cut the cord. Should companies do it for them? March 31, 2004

  • Olympian Tasks for a Finance Team

    Preparations for the Athens Olympics have sputtered since the beginning. But an innovative finance organisation might just get it over the finishing line on time. March 25, 2004

  • More Dividends or More Reinvestment?

    As economic recovery begins, investors want higher dividends; CFOs want more investments to grow their businesses. Who wins? March 18, 2004

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