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  • Greener Buildings, 'Greener' Bottom Line

    Toyota, the National Geographic Society, and many other organizations are discovering that environmentally responsible facilities can also deliver financial benefits. August 11, 2004

  • Getting Your Seat at the Strategy Table

    The right technology can help finance executives provide their enterprises with ready access to reliable information, and a structure for translating that information into actionable strategies with measurable outcomes. August 3, 2004

  • Watch Your Back

    As companies map their growth strategies, they should pay more attention to the hazards they entail. August 1, 2004

  • Forecasting Cash Flow Proves Elusive

    Fundamentally a simple concept, forecasting cash flow nonetheless proves elusive in practice. July 28, 2004

  • Exploding the Myths of Offshoring

    Far from damaging the economy of the United States, offshoring should enable its companies to direct resources to next-generation technologies and ideas -- if public policy doesn't get in the way. July 14, 2004

  • Easier Leasing for Tech Equipment

    After a long dry spell, businesses are finally beginning to invest in IT equipment. Many are choosing to lease rather than buy. July 7, 2004

  • U.S. Inflation: Not Such a Big Problem?

    A new paper questions whether inflation will really turn out to be America's main economic problem. July 2, 2004

  • New Medicare Drug Benefit Falls Short

    The new Medicare drug benefit feels good, but it doesn't really solve underlying issues. June 21, 2004

  • Utility Computing: Pay-as-You-Go IT

    Utility computing aims to transform IT into a pay-as-you go service. That sounds far simpler than it is. June 16, 2004

  • Spreadsheet Hell

    CFOs are interested in the many new technologies being pitched to them, but are they really trapped in spreadsheet hell? June 15, 2004

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