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  • One Way, or Another?

    CFOs agree on the value of IT but disagree on how to measure and manage it. November 17, 2004

  • Internal Rate of Return: A Cautionary Tale

    Tempted by a project with high internal rates of return? Better check those interim cash flows again. October 20, 2004

  • Testing the Top Line

    Analyzing a company's sources of revenue can bring insights into growth. October 19, 2004

  • Losing Battles

    Two decades of failed Pentagon financial reforms put more than just dollars at risk. October 4, 2004

  • The Dragon and the Eagle

    American consumers and Chinese producers have led a global boom. China is creating genuine wealth, but America's binge is based partly on an illusion. October 1, 2004

  • Stand by Me

    While finance and IT don't always see eye to eye, many companies have learned how to transform a mere reporting relationship into a true partnership. Could this be the path to genuine alignment? September 15, 2004

  • Rolling Along

    Many finance chiefs aspire to a dynamic budget, but most companies ''just aren't planning and measuring the right things.'' September 14, 2004

  • It's the Deficit...

    Neither Bush nor Kerry would close the federal budget gap. But that's where the policy resemblance ends. September 1, 2004

  • The Tract of the Matter

    You read (about) the article, now read the book: Nick Carr expands his controversial thesis regarding IT's strategic importance. September 1, 2004

  • Technologies That Save You Some 'Green'

    Eight technologies that help preserve the environment while preserving your budget: Web conferencing, electronic documents, LCD monitors, thin clients, blade servers, fuel cells, autonomic computing, and grid computing. August 18, 2004

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