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  • Buyer Beware

    More companies than ever have experience with outsourcing. So why are deals still failing? December 8, 2004

  • Men and Machines

    Technology and economics have already revolutionized manufacturing. White-collar work will be next. November 19, 2004

  • Outsourcing Risks Worry the Wary

    Senior finance executives in the pharmaceutical industry say their enthusiasm for outsourcing is tempered by regulatory, data security, and process integrity risks. October 14, 2004

  • The Farthest Shore

    When it comes to outsourcing locations, no place is too exotic. Not even Cleveland. September 8, 2004

  • Exploding the Myths of Offshoring

    Far from damaging the economy of the United States, offshoring should enable its companies to direct resources to next-generation technologies and ideas -- if public policy doesn't get in the way. July 14, 2004

  • Offshoring the Finance Function

    A Singaporean holding company whose main assets are run from the U.S., and an American corporation that generates half of its revenues from the Asian region, have taken very different approaches to offshoring the finance function. July 14, 2004

  • Managing Overseas Staff

    What's the best way for an American manager to track the quality of work done thousands of miles away from headquarters? June 11, 2004

  • How India's IT-services Firms See Things

    India's upstart IT-services firms face their own challenges from their giant rivals in the West. June 9, 2004

  • The Backlash Against Offshoring

    The only thing that will make the furor over offshoring worse is hiding from it. June 7, 2004

  • Avoiding Common Offshoring Blunders

    How to avoid some common offshoring blunders -- and what to do when you can't. June 2, 2004

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