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  • Satyam CFO Quits as Scandal's Scope Widens

    Giant list of global clients turns to assessing damage. Satyam auditor PwC will be involved in the internal self-evaluation, although its role, too, is under review. January 8, 2009

  • A Place in the Cloud

    Cloud computing offers an enticing value proposition, but do the benefits justify the risks? September 1, 2008

  • Offshoring Is Still Going Strong

    Despite higher costs in India and elsewhere, along with political backlash, U.S. companies are seen boosting offshore resources by 50 percent over next three years. August 14, 2008

  • Spreading Its Wings

    From East Asia to eastern Europe, offshore outsourcing is taking off. March 3, 2008

  • A Regulatory Migraine

    More than 200 new laws slated to take effect in China this year create an assortment of issues for businesses. February 28, 2008

  • View from Asia: India Starts Buying American

    Why Indian firms tread lightly when they acquire overseas. February 1, 2008

  • Where in the World Is Your Offshore Finance Team?

    India may be your first guess, but even Indian vendors are sending operations offshore. Here's a ranking of the top 50 offshoring destinations. The list may surprise you. January 31, 2008

  • Top Five Trends in Offshoring

    Moving beyond the mere outsourcing of transaction processing, some companies are actually offshoring investigations of accounting errors. January 30, 2008

  • Gaming the System

    How a small outsourcing firm uses competition to unite its global community. January 1, 2008

  • The Walls Come Down

    Finance, IT, and HR have been outsourced. Now, companies are turning their attention to property. November 5, 2007

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