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  • Vive le ROI

    The quest to pin down ROI on technology is turning into an industry in itself -- and sending CFOs back to basics. October 1, 2002

  • Outsourcing Software Management

    Most ASPs have shifted from renting software to managing it, so their clients can focus on the bottom line. October 1, 2002

  • Where's the Big Deal?

    Increasingly, outsourcing clients are parsing out smaller tech assignments -- and keeping the jobs short. September 1, 2002

  • Keep IT Simple, Stupid

    As new software and IT services increase in complexity, the need for a unifying strategy is more important than ever. July 1, 2002

  • ROI: The Age of Reason

    Companies have been letting IT investments spiral out of control. But CFOs are fighting back. July 1, 2002

  • Same Budget, Different Day

    Companies are focused on making better use of the resources they already have. July 1, 2002

  • All Hail the ROI

    Technology sales now hinge less on features and functions -- and more on finance. April 1, 2002

  • Judging Tech? It Ain't Easy

    Measuring the ROI on tech projects is tough enough. Now some companies are looking to evaluate the performance of their IT employees. March 5, 2002

  • Letting Go of Treasury

    More and more companies are outsourcing more and more of their treasury departments. Where will it end? February 1, 2002

  • Should It Stay or Should It Go?

    Companies are finding a host of reasons to offload bits of their E-business operations. February 1, 2002

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