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  • Will New Proxy Rules Pose Board Risks?

    While some experts bet they won't, D&O insurers suggest policies are worth a review. September 22, 2010

  • Who's in Charge Here?

    Listening to shareholders is easy. Making sense of their concerns is not. September 1, 2010

  • So Much for "Death by Committee"

    Audit committees have expanded their scope, and new rules may force them to broaden it even further. September 1, 2010

  • Why Succession Planning Is So Hard

    As the abrupt exit of HP's CEO illustrates, it isn't easy to put the "success" in succession planning. August 19, 2010

  • SEC Reviewing Proxy Process

    The SEC takes the first step toward a possible overhaul of the corporate proxy system. July 27, 2010

  • Boards: What's Your Max?

    Directorships have much to offer CFOs, but companies are increasingly putting restrictions on these opportunities. July 6, 2010

  • More Shareholder Say on Auditors

    An unrelated regulation has prompted more companies to give their investors a vote on accounting firms. June 25, 2010

  • The Cloud Casts a Shadow

    Lured by easy, inexpensive cloud-computing services, business units are bypassing IT departments when choosing solutions, creating a rise in "shadow IT." June 15, 2010

  • What Your Board Is Worried About

    CFOs aren't the only ones with a lot on their minds. A new study looks at board members' top concerns and their impressions of their management teams. May 28, 2010

  • Should CFOs Serve on Their Own Boards?

    A new study finds some surprising benefits associated with CFOs who serve on their own companies' boards. May 6, 2010

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