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  • Sorry, Friends

    Facebook, the giant social network, is castigated for serious privacy failings. December 5, 2011

  • Accessories After the Fact

    Tougher laws against online pirates are needed, but a proposal in Congress could hit law-abiding businesses. November 28, 2011

  • What Can You Do When IT Threatens to Run Amok?

    A huge IT project is rolling down the rails, hell-bent for disaster. What can you do to apply the brakes or switch to a safer track? An open leadership question for CFOs. November 21, 2011

  • Why Your Board of Directors Can't Sleep on IT

    CFOs and CIOs often don't know the costs and the drivers of IT expenditures or the progress and ROI of IT projects. And that's when bad things can happen to good companies. November 14, 2011

  • A Modest Proposal

    IT has become central to your business, no matter what it is. Apps are exploding, devices are proliferating, and now there's the cloud. So why don't you have a CIO on your board? Here are five good reasons why you should. November 9, 2011

  • Very Big, Yet Hard to See

    More companies are incorporating strategic risk management into their broader risk programs. November 1, 2011

  • Political Straight Shooters

    Larger companies appear to be more forthcoming about their campaign financing following a 2010 Supreme Court ruling. October 28, 2011

  • An Accident Waiting to Happen

    A simple exercise can help CFOs identify trends that could lead to a major incident. October 26, 2011

  • Why Increased Scrutiny May Be Good for Business

    In some ways, shareholder interference has led to better governance. October 20, 2011

  • Four Strategies to Get More Out of IT

    There's a gap between IT supply and demand into which money tumbles, never to be seen again. CFOs can help close that gap (and rescue that cash) by leveraging their non-IT workforce's increasing technical sophistication. October 19, 2011

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