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  • One of Many Issues: Does Satyam Have Enough Cash?

    Scandal-ridden computer-services outsourcer, now turning to KPMG and Deloitte for restatement help, will find it nearly impossible to borrow more until financial results get a clean bill of health. January 14, 2009

  • Panditmonium

    A reported joint venture between Citigroup and Morgan Stanley prompts worrying questions. January 12, 2009

  • Arizona Governor, Treasurer in Budget Showdown

    With reportedly only 100 days of cash left, Arizona's chief executive Janet Napolitano — President-elect Obama's choice to head Homeland Security — and the state treasurer mix it up. January 9, 2009

  • Have Cash, Won't Borrow

    A new free cash flow metric reveals which companies can grow without going to the bank or the capital markets. January 9, 2009

  • All Eyes on Treasury

    The function that no one likes to think about is now getting plenty of attention, and even a little respect. January 1, 2009

  • A Splash in the Tank

    George Bush bails out America's carmakers temporarily—now they are Barack Obama's problem. December 22, 2008

  • Riding the Rollercoaster

    Six firms in cyclical industries battle excess debt. December 16, 2008

  • U.S. Grants Special Dispensation to REITs

    A real estate investment trust can pay its dividends with stock, says a new ruling released last week. December 15, 2008

  • Ending the Exodus

    Will Britain’s corporate tax exiles come home? December 12, 2008

  • Near the End of the Road

    The Senate turns away America's carmakers empty-handed. December 12, 2008

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