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  • The Perfect Treasury

    Backed by the latest IT advances, treasurers of multinationals in Asia leave nothing to chance. April 1, 2002

  • Digital Billing: Show Me the Savings

    After a slow start, banks are taking another look at electronic presentment and payment. April 1, 2002

  • Quid Pro Banks

    A big percentage of senior finance executives feel pressured to award added business to banks in exchange for short-term credit, survey finds. March 5, 2002

  • Watching and Waiting

    The Internet was going to transform corporate treasury operations. So what happened? January 1, 2002

  • A.P. Hill

    With money in short supply, finance managers in Asia are trying to convince customers to settle their payables on time. It's a tough sell. December 12, 2001

  • For Many Companies, Euro Still a Concept

    Will the coming of a single currency be the continent's Y2K? November 19, 2001

  • Many Countries, Few GTCs

    Is there an optimal way to organize treasury operations globally? November 1, 2001

  • Internet Will Impact Treasury

    Despite dot-com debacle, survey reveals corporates keen on conducting cash management and forex over the Net. October 19, 2001

  • The Euro: One Currency, Many Problems

    The January 1 switch to a single monetary unit could be bad news for retailers on the continent. October 1, 2001

  • IRS Plugging Another Loophole

    Tax man tightening rules for treatment of NPCs. September 21, 2001

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