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  • Raising the VAR

    Choose your value-added reseller carefully -- you'll be living together for a long, long time. April 3, 2001

  • IT Project Management

    IT departments are doing a much better job of soliciting input from the employees who will be served by the projects. But new tools and methodologies have also played a part. April 1, 2001

  • How to Pay on a B2B Exchange

    Virtual Purchase Connection provides new payment options for Business to Business E-commerce. March 28, 2001

  • Beware ''Scope Creep'' on ERP Projects

    Philip E. Theiss, CFO of Natural Organics, tells what happens when the IT candy store opens for business. (Second of a series.) March 27, 2001

  • Of Men and Mice: An ERP Case Study

    CFO Lee Wilbur explains how Jackson Laboratory is dealing with the challenges of installing its new ERP system. March 21, 2001

  • Bill-Paying Services Follow the Money

    Electronic bill-paying services for small businesses have been around for years, but lately their appeal has grown. March 21, 2001

  • Ten Steps to Outsourcing

    Here's some advice for CFOs looking to slash IT costs. March 12, 2001

  • Web Video Provider Upgrades to Oracle

    Once Vingage's growth took off, the company knew it needed more than a PC based accounting system. March 7, 2001

  • Can PeopleSoft Handle the Software Slump?

    Kevin Parker is telling Wall Street about his company's new software strategy. But is the Street listening? March 6, 2001

  • How Not to Spend $400 Million

    Nike's supply chain management system has spun out of control. But other companies don't need to suffer the same fate. March 5, 2001

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