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  • Core Values

    ERP vendors may stack up differently, but their basic financial applications rarely do. February 1, 2002

  • Guard Up, Hacking Down

    Since September 11, cyberspace is being patrolled more heavily, and many hackers are lying low. January 16, 2002

  • Partner Relationship Management Software

    Companies that need to talk to companies are the luckiest companies of all. January 1, 2002

  • Conversation with John Connors

    The software giant's finance chief talks about lawsuits, stock options, and life during recession. December 1, 2001

  • CRM: Good Idea Gone Bad?

    The dirty little secret of customer relationship management projects: bad data. December 1, 2001

  • Bandwidth on the Run

    No free rides on the infobahn -- companies have begun to apportion bandwidth expenses by business unit, by user, even by application. November 1, 2001

  • Trade Management Software

    Trade management software promises to lower the cost of compliance at every stage of the production process, from design through delivery. November 1, 2001

  • Computer Viruses: As the Worm Turns

    The Sircam worm's greatest damage might be done on peer-to-peer networks. September 17, 2001

  • Product Lifecycle Management

    Product lifecycle management (PLM) endeavors to lower the cost and raise the efficiency of bringing new products to market. September 15, 2001

  • Computer-System Access

    User-access-management software improves productivity and security by enabling a single HR administrator -- rather than one gatekeeper for each IT system -- to manage an employee's details via a Web browser. September 15, 2001

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