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  • Software as a Service

    How far can the pay-as-you-go approach take you? Proponents say the road less traveled is about to become jammed. July 19, 2005

  • At Home with RFID

    Radio frequency tags could prove to be a boon for tracking corporate assets — including people. July 13, 2005

  • Budgeting in the Real World

    More companies are writing budgets that reflect strategy and reduce frustration. July 12, 2005

  • Help Yourself

    Customer self-service is finally catching on with consumers — and saving businesses a bundle in the process. July 6, 2005

  • Go Direct, Young Man

    Despite the headaches, more companies are turning to do-it-yourself sourcing. June 21, 2005

  • Red Light/Green Light for Tech Spending

    For finance executives, better controls on technology spending start with better controls on which projects get the go-ahead. June 8, 2005

  • Version Therapy

    Why a growing number of business managers are just saying no to software upgrades. June 7, 2005

  • Power Steering

    IT governance combines technology with discipline, but not in equal measure. June 1, 2005

  • A Place for Portals

    Treasury managers must strike a balance between the efficiency of money-market portals and the value of relationships between corporations and banks. May 19, 2005

  • Clocking R&R

    Software that tracks the real cost of paid time off. May 3, 2005

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