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  • Stopping 401(k) Matches: The New No-brainer

    At least 40 employers have stopped contributing to their employees' defined-contribution plans. January 29, 2009

  • Employer Health Spending Nips at Pension's Heels

    Employer spending on the two areas has been going in different directions since at least 1980, when retirement benefits were at 58.5 percent of the total-comp pie and health care took a mere 26.7 percent slice. January 27, 2009

  • Report: Pension Vice Tightens on Cash

    The pension expense S&P 1500 companies will have to record in their financials will soar by $60 billion in 2009, a Mercer study predicts. January 7, 2009

  • Layoffs Take a (Brief) Holiday

    Likely it's a year-end anomaly, as signs of economic problems are hardly abating. But the job losses continue at AMD, Interface Inc., Kemet, Textron, and Unisys. December 31, 2008

  • Loosen Pension-Funding Rules, Consultants Ask Congress

    Actuaries seek added flexibility for plan sponsors in choosing whether to "smooth" asset values or pick a spot interest rate to value liabilities. December 10, 2008

  • Blame Game

    Many companies "are kidding themselves" about the effort required to manage defined-contribution pension schemes. December 8, 2008

  • Know Your Severance Rights and Risks

    Jitters on Wall Street are well founded for those without preexisting severance agreements. November 7, 2008

  • Health Check

    In Europe, the rising costs of health benefits are proving yet another worry for cash-strapped companies. November 3, 2008

  • Swiping Nest Eggs?

    Danger: Borrowing from 401(k) accounts made easy. November 1, 2008

  • The Bear Ate My Pension: $2 Trillion Worth

    Congressional Budget Office estimates losses of $1 trillion, or 10 percent of assets, over four quarters. Later plunges may have doubled that. October 7, 2008

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