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  • Best of 2009: Employee Benefits

    Cost-cutting was the name of the game in 2009, with some basic benefits scaled back or even slashed. December 31, 2009

  • Farewell, Company Health Plans?

    Now that health-care reform bills have passed both the House and the Senate, some CFOs are seriously considering whether or not to drop employee coverage. December 31, 2009

  • 401(k) Contributions Are Back

    More and more companies are reinstating suspended 401(k) matches. December 4, 2009

  • All Eyes on Reform

    Public support for health-care reform is high, but some CFOs take a different view. December 1, 2009

  • Fiduciary Liabilities: Are You Covered?

    With lawsuits piling up against pension plan sponsors, individual fiduciaries would do well to protect themselves against financial risks, experts say. November 19, 2009

  • Creating Buyers: The ESOP as Exit Strategy

    Interest in creating employee stock-ownership plans seems to be ticking up among business owners worried that capital-gains tax rates soon may rise. They may want to sell now while the rates stay at 15%. November 9, 2009

  • Stock Gains Don't Rescue Pension Funding

    Private-equity firms, meanwhile, may have even better reasons than usual to derisk pension plans sponsored by portfolio companies. October 30, 2009

  • Doing What Needs Doing: A CFO as Sales Boss

    A software firm's finance and operations chief puts himself on the front lines of customer interaction. His other passion: carefully nurturing the company's ESOP. October 27, 2009

  • Retirement Roulette

    As corporate finance experts hand off more responsibility for retirement to individual employees, the number of big winners and losers among those employees is growing. October 21, 2009

  • Employee-Benefit Cost Pressures Plague CFOs, Survey Finds

    Perhaps in response, 33% said their companies were cutting average per-employee health-care costs and 26% said their employers would reduce their matches of their employees' 401(k) contributions. October 19, 2009

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