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  • Past Layoffs Could Provide Tax Refund

    A recent court ruling suggests that companies may be able to recover FICA taxes linked to severance pay. But to take full advantage of the first refund year, they'll have to file before April 15. April 9, 2010

  • Pension Funding Is Up, but Shortfalls Remain

    Companies upped their pension contributions in 2009, but many plans face trouble ahead. April 8, 2010

  • Sea Change

    Companies now play a much more active role in guiding employees' 401(k) investment decisions. April 1, 2010

  • Be Well (or Else)

    More and more companies plan to use the stick approach for employees who resist corporate wellness efforts. March 23, 2010

  • Health Reform: How Much Will It Hurt?

    The sweeping overhaul of health care will cause many companies pain in the short term, but not as much as originally feared. March 22, 2010

  • A Prescription for Cutting Health-Care Costs

    The finance chief of Cardinal Health says there is plenty the private sector can do to bring health-care spending under control. March 10, 2010

  • A Healthy Increase

    CFOs expect health-care costs to rise 6.8% on average this year, with the biggest increases coming at tech, software, and biotech companies. February 9, 2010

  • What Will Companies Do?

    As health-care reform starts and stops, CFOs face difficult decisions about where to invest now. February 1, 2010

  • The Bill for the Senate's Bill

    Should House Democrats decide to pass the Senate bill on health-care reform intact, what would the cost be for employers? January 20, 2010

  • Do Wellness Programs Make Cents?

    Employers are investing in ways to contain health-care costs, but few know what they're getting back. January 13, 2010

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