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  • What You Don't Know about the Bankruptcy Law

    It's not just about individuals. Largely overlooked corporate provisions of the new law require companies to make quicker decisions on leases, pony up more upfront cash, and shed some of their exclusive right to file reorganization plans. May 5, 2005

  • Second Liens: Borrower Beware

    Used wisely, second-lien loans can be a powerful funding tool, but finance chiefs should take care before signing on the dotted line. April 21, 2005

  • HP Reinvents, Slowly

    With Carly Fiorina gone, HP looks within for some new directions. March 30, 2005

  • Courts and Torts: Bankruptcy's Perks

    Even though the number of bankruptcies has declined, preference claims based on those filings are mounting. That poses a risk to creditors paid shortly before Chapter 11 filings. February 7, 2005

  • A Penney Saved

    A deft turnaround buys time, but what's in store long-term for the venerable retailer? December 16, 2004

  • Coming to a Head

    SABMiller's CFO talks about the pivotal role of M&A in a rapidly consolidating beer industry. October 28, 2004

  • Extreme Makeover: From WorldCom to MCI

    How Robert Blakely and an army of accountants turned fraud-ridden WorldCom into squeaky-clean MCI. July 19, 2004

  • Foreign Owners Revitalize Japanese Banks

    Amid the gloom of Japan's banking sector, a quartet of banks are thriving under U.S. ownership. May 20, 2004

  • Receivables and Customer Satisfaction

    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care improved its cash position by using software to empower customers. First in a series of articles on the order-to-cash cycle. May 11, 2004

  • Fly out of That Pigeonhole

    Don't stay cooped up in finance. Take a broader view of your company and you'll have a better opportunity to broaden your career as well. March 12, 2004

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