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  • Former Swissair CFO Faces Charges

    Years after the national airline's 2001 bankruptcy, the current CFO of Alcon is among 19 individuals coming in for a hard landing. April 3, 2006

  • Bondholder Backlash

    LBO debtholders are getting tougher about protecting their interests. February 2, 2006

  • Going for Broke

    Did Congress undermine a key pillar of American capitalism by tinkering with Chapter 11? January 1, 2006

  • The Banker's Protection Act

    What you don't know about the new bankruptcy act won't hurt your company. Unless it gets into trouble. October 21, 2005

  • Environmentally Bankrupt?

    Companies that file for bankruptcy protection should be held to account for their cleanup responsibilities, say critics. September 8, 2005

  • Second Liens: Borrower Beware

    Used wisely, second-lien loans can be a powerful funding tool, but finance chiefs should take care before signing on the dotted line. April 21, 2005

  • Going Home Again

    Some CFOs can't resist an invitation to return to their old companies, even if it means returning to a mess. February 1, 2005

  • Keeping Skin in the Game

    Joining a bankrupt customer's creditors committee may preserve its viability -- and your assets. February 1, 2005

  • Default Swap Faults

    A dispute in the Enron bankruptcy case highlights troubling questions about credit default insurance. October 7, 2004

  • Foreign Owners Revitalize Japanese Banks

    Amid the gloom of Japan's banking sector, a quartet of banks are thriving under U.S. ownership. May 20, 2004

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