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  • A Tax Break for Selling Toxic Assets?

    Banks and other financial institutions that were eager for a tax break related to government bailout programs may be pleasantly surprised. August 24, 2009

  • Jobs Outlook: Help Not Wanted

    How quickly will firms start hiring again as the economy recovers? August 14, 2009

  • The Changing Face of Bankruptcy

    A need for speed, a shortage of DIP financing, government bailouts, and a complex web of debt structures are the hallmarks of the most recent crop of Chapter 11 filings. August 11, 2009

  • How Chrysler Spruced Up Bankruptcy

    A series of new developments in the area of corporate restructuring — most notably the speed with which the automaker was able to emerge from bankruptcy — may change the face of a 100-year-old transaction. August 7, 2009

  • New Rule Cites Lawsuit and Bankruptcy Disclosures

    FAS 165 calls on companies to recognize "subsequent events" in their financial results related to litigation settlements and a customer's bankruptcy filings. June 15, 2009

  • Are GM, Chrysler "End Running" Chapter 11?

    Some critics say the automakers are structuring their bankruptcies as sales in an improper way. June 9, 2009

  • Leadership in Finance: ICAEW’s Carolyn Bresh

    After helping struggling companies to turn their fortunes around, Carolyn Bresh hopes to teach other finance chiefs some of the lessons she's already learned. June 1, 2009

  • Your Turn

    Even longer hours, stakeholder pressure and hostile colleagues — CFOs trying to save ailing companies don't have an easy ride. May 11, 2009

  • Cost-Cutters Caught Out

    Companies cut costs by cutting consultants hired to help cut costs. April 2, 2009

  • Dire Straits

    Some shipping companies are navigating the slump in global trade better than others. April 2, 2009

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