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  • Do Visual Displays Surpass Spreadsheets?

    Graphs, maps, animations, and other visual displays of information may succeed where spreadsheets fail. July 1, 2002

  • The Virtues of Business Mapping

    New software creates visual ''business maps'' that help people easily grasp information during face-to-face presentations, Web-based conferences, and project management sessions. May 28, 2002

  • Contract Automation

    Companies turn to Web-based applications to better manage corporate contracts. October 17, 2001

  • Search Technology

    Rather than forcing you to ''enter keywords here,'' WebMap lets you point and click. September 15, 2001

  • Behind the Green Door

    Portals are fast becoming the standard desktop interface for corporate employees. Will finance staffers get theirs? September 15, 2001

  • Fighting Information Overload

    Knowledge management software helps you find the most relevant, most useful data. March 1, 2001

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