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  • Price-Optimization Software

    New software helps companies optimize prices. One caveat: it often comes with an optimized price. March 9, 2004

  • XBRL

    The universal business language remains anything but universal. January 6, 2004

  • See It Now

    New budgeting-and-planning software offers increasingly sophisticated visual aids: dashboards and scorecards. December 1, 2003

  • Applying a Little Business Intelligence

    ''All things to all companies'' isn't always the way to go. Here's how Staples, Trimac, and Deltek applied business intelligence software exactly where it was needed. July 22, 2003

  • The Summer of Our Content

    Most workers are drowning in documents. But is ''content management'' the answer? June 1, 2003

  • Are SSCs Dinosaurs?

    Poor project management, internal resistance, and lack of IT and process standardization may consign SSC projects to an evolutionary dead end. February 1, 2003

  • Business Intelligence: Mastering Data

    A host of developments promise to improve customers' ability to crunch through vast stores of data and make smarter business decisions. February 1, 2003

  • Data Data Everywhere

    At Brocade, management asked workers what information they needed from a BI system. It was a prudent move. January 1, 2003

  • The Search for Intelligence

    Business intelligence software may produce huge payoffs, but companies are still deploying BI systems bit by bit. Why is that? January 1, 2003

  • Business Intelligence Software Vendors

    25 vendors with at least $5 million in BI license contracts and maintenence revenue. The vendor's BI products are also included. (Source: IDC) December 31, 2002

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