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  • Making Waves

    Tiny RFID chips generate lots of data, but will they help companies move more merchandise? May 17, 2005

  • IT, Compliance, and Performance Management

    Companies have adopted ERP applications to automate many of their transactions and business processes. What's missing is a unified, integrated view of performance information that includes and analyzes data from ERP and other applications. February 9, 2005

  • Start with Demand

    Demand-driven manufacturing is radically altering how some businesses serve customers. January 11, 2005

  • Getting a Grip on Performance

    As performance-management software continues its climb, widespread acceptance may be at hand. November 23, 2004

  • Metaphorically Speaking

    What's the use of all that electronic information if you can't get at it? November 9, 2004

  • Cutting Through the Clutter

    Desktop business systems at last begin to succeed in taming the profusion of Websites, cyberpasswords, and software. November 2, 2004

  • More Map, Less Quest

    New ways to visualize data are helping companies close the ''fact gap.'' October 19, 2004

  • Making a Market in Knowledge

    For companies and their employees alike, knowledge is power -- and profit. August 17, 2004

  • Deploying CRM Analytics Software

    Businesses are deploying analytical software to get a better fix on customer behavior. July 6, 2004

  • Spreadsheet Hell

    CFOs are interested in the many new technologies being pitched to them, but are they really trapped in spreadsheet hell? June 15, 2004

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