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  • IQ Matters: Boosting Information Quality

    By improving the quality of their management information, finance and IT executives expect to make better operating decisions more quickly, perform better annual planning, and have greater confidence in business process controls. March 6, 2006

  • Better Performance Reporting and Analysis

    Increasingly, finance and business unit managers are seeking to respond to threats and opportunities more quickly and to reallocate resources more authoritatively and dynamically. February 21, 2006

  • The Joy of Text

    Valuable information lurks in ''unstructured'' data, and new tools can help companies extract it. January 24, 2006

  • It's In Here Somewhere

    Desktop-search tools are helping employees find information and companies find savings. January 24, 2006

  • Bayes Rules

    A once-neglected statistical technique may help to explain how the mind works. January 5, 2006

  • Intelligence Gets Smarter

    A burst of innovation has made business-intelligence software more relevant to day-to-day operations. November 15, 2005

  • Picture This

    Businesses produce tons of data on a daily basis. Making sense of that information is no small feat. November 1, 2005

  • Market Magic

    Internal markets can solve thorny allocation problems and predict the future. November 1, 2005

  • Dream Catalog

    New software presents a single, up-to-date version of product information. September 12, 2005

  • Gauging Success

    With dashboards, what you see is only part of what you get. August 2, 2005

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