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  • Good Week/Bad Week:
    The Lord Alps Those...

    Merger means Swiss army will continue to get knives from Swiss company; Swiss navy left to fend for itself. Plus: Peterbilts go a-begging, and Merck shareholders get testy. April 29, 2005

  • Good Week/Bad Week:
    Amazing Medical Breakthrough!

    Health-care costs went up a meager 7.5 percent last year; workers thought to be sucking it up. Plus: Les Moonves's house party, and GM blows a gasket. April 22, 2005

  • I, Kozlowski

    8-K documents reveal the classy world of Dennis Kozlowski. Meanwhile: musicians say they're shocked, shocked by the shabby accounting in the music industry. September 27, 2002

  • Academia, and Other Assorted Nuts

    College CFOs love their jobs, but apparently, many want to leave. Also: Kozlowski pays a hefty price, and FASB, IASB agree to try to agree. September 20, 2002

  • Gracious Living

    What makes the Hottentots so hot? Perks, apparently. September 13, 2002

  • Summer Clearance

    Select summer items, all at greatly reduced prices. August 30, 2002

  • George of the Jungle

    President Bush signs landmark bill to deter corporate corruption; "far-reaching reforms reach far," says chief executive. August 2, 2002

  • It's Not the Heat -- It's the Stupidity

    Who tipped the sales at ImClone? Who booked round-trip trades? Who made the dip? July 19, 2002

  • A Man, a Plan, a Root Canal

    President Bush looks to put some teeth into accounting statutes. Plus: heroes at WorldCom? And: small business owners reveal their turnoffs. July 12, 2002

  • Can't Anybody Around Here Add?

    Bad apples, a good egg, loutish behavior, and the worst bookkeeping in the history of numbers. All in all, just another typical week in finance. June 28, 2002

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