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Good Week/Bad Week:
Whey Station Closed

Suprema CEO, CFO said to have committed the cheese crime of the century; accused of skimming, milking investors, other bad puns. Plus: Liz Phair economics, atomic-scientist makeovers.

July 15, 2005

Disclaimer: Good Week/Bad Week is presented by the authority of the Ponds Institute and The Sheboygan FOE. Funding for Good Week/Bad Week is provided by the Society for Relentless Esoterica and the not-for-profit Dyslexics of the Universe Untie! While items in this column are based on real news events, most everything else is made of gossamer wings. Unless otherwise indicated, quotes have not been verified, corroborated, or even spell-checked, and generally contain obscure references to black-and-white TV shows and minor Greek poets. Public figures in this column tend to come off looking bad, and should refrain from engaging legal counsel to be made whole again. It can't be done. Read more...

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