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  • The Carbon Effect on Earnings, M&A

    Proposed energy legislation will have direct and indirect consequences on the revenues, profits, and M&A transactions of heavy CO2 emitters. July 6, 2009

  • The Machinery of Cash

    An irony of the downturn: the drop in sales that many midcap machine makers have suffered has helped them maintain decent cash earnings per share. June 9, 2009

  • CFOs Hoping for the Best, Planning for the Worst

    Finance chiefs are feeling a lot better than they were last quarter, but recovery is still a long way off. June 3, 2009

  • Think Small

    "Door-to-door" expense management can be a great way to reduce the cost of business travel. June 1, 2009

  • Cheaper Advice

    It's a buyer's market for consulting services, but if you don't manage an engagement carefully, you could pay more than you bargained for. June 1, 2009

  • Faint Pulse Detected in IT Spending Plans

    The rate of expected decline in capital equipment and software purchases eases for the first time in a year, Goldman Sachs says. May 15, 2009

  • A Cornucopia of Cost Cuts

    A no-stones-unturned attitude toward cost savings permeates companies' thought processes. May 8, 2009

  • Attack of the Penny Savers

    Small companies don their creative cost-cutting caps to shore up cash reserves and ride out the downturn. May 1, 2009

  • Reaching Deeper for Savings

    You may be able to squeeze more out of your IT budget than you realize. May 1, 2009

  • A Losing Formula

    Volatile financial markets can wreak havoc with your cost-of-capital calculations — and possibly skew your investment decisions and financial results. May 1, 2009

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