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3. Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi networks will stretch the boundaries of the office, and productivity. But standards and roaming technology snags will have to be hammered out before pervasive computing is, well, pervasive.

October 7, 2002

Brief: For about $3.00, you can get a hot cup of Gold Coast blend coffee at a Denver Starbucks. For about the same price, you can use your laptop or PDA to tap into T-Mobile USA's Wi-Fi hot spot, right from your cushy chair at the coffeehouse. Read more...

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  • 2. Business Intelligence

    Advanced search agents and next-gen BI software will dramatically change the way finance employees -- and a lot of other workers -- do their jobs. October 7, 2002

  • 5. Multivariable Testing (MVT)

    What do the front page of the National Enquirer and phone repair have in common? October 7, 2002

  • 9. Biometrics

    With identity theft and terrorism now constant threats, corporations have begun to see the value of biometrics. October 7, 2002

  • 7. Rich Media

    Following 9/11, corporate interest in video and Web conferencing surged. Better products are on the way -- but limited bandwidth may leave some users disappointed. October 4, 2002

  • 8. Internet2

    While not as earth-shattering as the original, this sequel will move E-commerce to a whole new level. October 4, 2002

  • 6. Digital Cryptography

    E-commerce won't reach its true potential until a single security standard for digital transactions is in place. That may take some doing. October 4, 2002

  • 1. XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language)

    This standard for financial data vastly improves the accuracy and speed of corporate reporting. Unfortunately, it's still not standard fare for most finance departments. October 4, 2002

  • 10. Small Technology

    Computer displays you can tote around with one hand? Plastics almost as strong as steel? Improved drug efficacy? Micro-managing finally pays off. October 4, 2002

  • 4. Grid Computing

    Asset allocation comes to processing power. The result? Faster -- and cheaper -- computing. October 4, 2002

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