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  • End Run Around Equity

    With financial institutions looking to move distressed loans off their books, it can be faster to acquire a company by buying its bank debt – as Penn National Gaming recently did. November 1, 2010

  • Miracle on Wall Street?

    Your banker may soon be focusing less on selling products and more on offering advice – even if it means sending you to another bank. October 28, 2010

  • Middle-Market Lending Bloom?

    Hamstrung by regulators in the consumer space, banks may once again find a sweet spot in commercial lending to midsize firms. October 15, 2010

  • Third Try for Basel

    Will the new Basel III international capital standards be more effective than previous versions in preventing bank meltdowns? October 8, 2010

  • Syndicated Loan Losses Still Loom

    Federal banking agencies find credit quality has improved slightly, but the poor underwriting of 2006 and 2007 continues to present problems for banks and investors. October 5, 2010

  • Color Clients Unimpressed

    CFOs say that banks' nascent efforts to go green won't win their business, all else being equal. October 1, 2010

  • "I Hate CFOs Who Always Say No."

    This CFO was skeptical that her company could balance social responsibility and financial success, but now she's a believer. An interview with Rose Marcario, COO and CFO, Patagonia Inc. October 1, 2010

  • Take Control of Your Bankers

    Tired of being at the mercy of their banks, CFOs are working hard to regain the upper hand. October 1, 2010

  • Is Cash Peaking?

    More CFOs plan to deploy cash reserves in the next 12 months, but those plans hinge on overall economic improvement. September 30, 2010

  • The Big Switch

    Dissatisfied small and midsize companies are inviting competitive bids for their banking business. September 1, 2010

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