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  • FASB Clarifies Troubled Debt Restructuring

    The standard setter releases new proposed accounting guidance to better define what is – and is not – a troubled debt restructuring. November 15, 2010

  • Ready but Not Eager for IFRS

    A new survey says midsize and big companies expect to be ready for a wholesale switch to international accounting standards – but most won't budge until they have to. November 2, 2010

  • Technical Difficulties

    As the pace of accounting-rule changes intensifies, can IT systems keep up? November 1, 2010

  • Influencing the Future of IFRS in the United States

    The future of international financial reporting standards in the United States may be uncertain, but it is not simply a matter of chance. October 22, 2010

  • A Relentless Pursuit of Global Rules

    Tom Jones, director of Pace University's international accounting center, looks forward to a world without local GAAPs. October 21, 2010

  • Debunking IFRS Myths

    Experts expose seven misconceptions about international financial reporting standards. October 14, 2010

  • Dutch Regulator to Head IASB

    Hans Hoogervorst, co-chair of the committee that helped steer accounting standard-setters through the financial crisis, will replace Sir David Tweedie at the IASB. October 12, 2010

  • One Step Closer to Little GAAP

    A blue-ribbon panel on private-company accounting standards recommends a separate GAAP for private companies. October 11, 2010

  • Panel to Vote on Little GAAP

    A blue-ribbon panel on private-company accounting standards is set to vote on its recommendations. October 7, 2010

  • Five for FASB: Golden Appointed to Board

    Russell Golden, the technical director of FASB for the past two years, moves into the board seat vacated by Robert Herz. September 17, 2010

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