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  • Cloud FAQs for CFOs

    What finance executives should know about cloud computing, and why they should know it. July 12, 2012

  • Social Media Gives, but Also Takes Away

    A large majority of companies are mindful of the potential liabilities associated with using the massively popular platforms. July 6, 2012

  • How to Gauge the Cost of Corporate Risk

    The rising expense of insuring property can hurt a company's cost of capital. July 5, 2012

  • How to Use Excel to Sell Gelato

    A simple sales scenario provides an example of how Excel can be used to run regression analyses – and boost rainy-day revenue. June 29, 2012

  • State-led Hacking Cost Company 1 Billion Euros, U.K. Spy Chief Says

    It's time to take cyber crime seriously, the head of MI5 suggests. June 27, 2012

  • No Escaping Cyber Risk, Companies Warned

    Virtually all organizations are prone to data breaches, which, according to recent research, cost an average of $5.5 million each. June 26, 2012

  • Compliance, Meet Big Data

    Or, how to settle a legal dispute in 35 seconds. June 21, 2012

  • Your Audit Checklist

    Your auditors worry about the cloud. So should you. As your organization begins its cloud flight, has it fastened its auditing seatbelts? Here's a seven-step checklist to ensure a safe landing. Buckle up. June 19, 2012

  • Blank Check

    How to get rid of pivot table blanks without affecting calculations. June 16, 2012

  • Made for Each Other

    Both separately and together, mobile devices and cloud computing are increasingly supporting corporate growth, according to the latest findings from CFO Research. June 16, 2012

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