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  • Fiduciary Duty in the Zone of Insolvency

    A recent appeals-court decision highlights the responsibilities of private-company directors and officers, though it does little to clarify the murky area between solvency and bankruptcy. August 25, 2005

  • Bordering on Tax Evasion

    Should corporations concern themselves with the fate of a few liquor smugglers? A recent Supreme Court decision could have consequences for businesses as well as bootleggers. June 16, 2005

  • What You Don't Know about the Bankruptcy Law

    It's not just about individuals. Largely overlooked corporate provisions of the new law require companies to make quicker decisions on leases, pony up more upfront cash, and shed some of their exclusive right to file reorganization plans. May 5, 2005

  • In Your Own Defense

    Why representing finance executives in lawsuits is both an art and a science. May 1, 2005

  • Class Actions May Head to Federal Courts

    In what the business community considers a positive step, the Senate debates moving class-action law suits from state courts to federal venues. January 27, 2005

  • Courts and Torts: Tax-Shelter Shocker

    Black & Decker's court victory over the IRS turned a venerable ''sham'' transaction legal test on its head. Will other corporations be able to capitalize? December 21, 2004

  • Courts and Torts: Workplace Rumors

    The latest turnabout by the National Labor Relations Board could help keep water-cooler gossip from affecting workplace harassment investigations. October 26, 2004

  • Return to Sender?

    Companies often fail to collect on class-action lawsuits. March 1, 2003

  • The Untouchables

    Employees are increasingly comfortable blowing the whistle. March 1, 2003

  • Separate but Liable

    Companies have walled off valuable assets in subsidiaries for decades. Are those walls starting to crack? March 1, 2003

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