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  • Congress to Solve Your Accounting Woes

    Representatives fall all over themselves to pass a bill expressing their hatred of complexity and love of plain English. February 28, 2007

  • Study: Company Patent Suits Dropping

    The average award amount fell sharply in the last year, and median award amounts have flattened in the past few years, according to PwC. February 27, 2007

  • Junk the ''Junk Email'' Law?

    To combat unwanted electronic messages, the United States could do much better than the CAN-SPAM Act, say observers. February 26, 2007

  • Backdating: Not a ''Judgment Call''

    The stock-option practice qualifies as one of those "rare cases," according to the Delaware Court of Chancery, in which "a transaction may be so egregious on its face that board approval cannot meet the test of business judgment." February 20, 2007

  • DoJ Won't Refloat "Enron Barge" Case

    The decision involving former Merrill Lynch executives could affect the conviction of former Enron chief executive Jeff Skilling. February 16, 2007

  • Kennedy to SEC: Probe Sallie Mae Execs

    Did inside information from the White House spur Sallie's chairman to sell 34 percent of his holdings? February 16, 2007

  • Fraud Detection: The New 404?

    The PCAOB slams auditors for poor fraud detection. Corporations can expect steep audit fees to follow. February 15, 2007

  • Not Invented Here

    The existing federal test for ''obvious'' patents stifles innovation, say critics, but a pending Supreme Court decision may provide new guidance. February 15, 2007

  • Study: Sarbox Curbs Fraud Whistleblowing

    Despite the 2002 law's whistleblower protection provision, employees have been less likely to come forward with fraud concerns. February 13, 2007

  • Ignorance Is a Defense

    Clarifying its views on director liability, the Delaware Supreme Court will hold shareholder litigants to a very high standard of proof. February 12, 2007

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