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  • The Desktop Has Two Faces

    Waste management? PC virtualization promises to max out corporate computing resources. October 5, 2005

  • Surprise Inside

    The software buried deep within business machines can be a tax saver. October 4, 2005

  • Who's Minding the Shop?

    Keeping an eye on Web-surfing employees. September 14, 2005

  • It's Not You, It's Your Technology

    Once an afterthought in M&A, a target's IT systems may be a potential deal-breaker. September 7, 2005

  • Wi-Fi in the Sky

    A number of airlines have rolled out wireless-fidelity services on select flights. August 10, 2005

  • Other Invoices, Other Rooms

    Reconciling intercompany transactions has never been a favorite pastime of finance employees. But a new breed of tools promises to ease the pain. July 20, 2005

  • At Home with RFID

    Radio frequency tags could prove to be a boon for tracking corporate assets — including people. July 13, 2005

  • Version Therapy

    Why a growing number of business managers are just saying no to software upgrades. June 7, 2005

  • Greetings and Solicitations

    Online trading hubs stage a comeback. But this time, there's a twist. May 11, 2005

  • Clocking R&R

    Software that tracks the real cost of paid time off. May 3, 2005

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