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  • Mergers: Buying on the Dips

    What sorts of deals are still being done in today's difficult climate? May 8, 2009

  • 'Stepping Up' to Make a Strategic Acquisition

    Express Scripts likely will grab a basis "step-up" tax break when it finalizes the acquisition of two Wellpoint subsidiaries. The move may have allowed Express Scripts to offer a bigger premium to Wellpoint. May 4, 2009

  • Real Estate 'Put' Option Could Help Defer Taxes

    In a clarification issued by the IRS, development rights constitute "real property," and in some cases will allow companies to defer taxes when exchanging property. April 27, 2009

  • Will Pepsi Take a Future Hit to Sweeten Merger Deal?

    If PepsiCo wants to deliver a tax-free deal to the shareholders of the two bottling companies it wants to acquire, then it will have to give up future tax benefits. April 23, 2009

  • Want to Add a Decade of Cash Flow? Buy It

    By acquiring WellPoint's pharmacy benefits business, Express Scripts added 25 million new clients, CFO Jeff Hall says. April 15, 2009

  • Behind the Eight Ball, Brunswick Scratches on Tax Case

    Last year, a court upheld the government's interpretation of an old depreciation-related rule against Brunswick Corporation, which may affect other companies that chose a stock purchase over an asset purchase. April 6, 2009

  • Deal With It

    Banks aren't lending, investor defaults are looming, and mark-to-market is a pain. But private equity CFOs are forging a path through the downturn. April 2, 2009

  • Deals: There Will Be Oil ... in Calgary, Anyway

    In our M&A Roundup for the week ended March 29, Suncor's $18.39-billion purchase of Petro-Canada tops the sale of Calgary-based Oilexco's North Sea assets. Deloitte, Time Warner also do some buying. March 30, 2009

  • U.S. Shareholders Grab Foreign Merger Tax Benefit

    The deal that marries Petro-Canada and Suncor will deliver tax-free treatment to U.S. investors. March 30, 2009

  • Deals: Fertilizer, Roller Coasters, and Gold

    In our M&A Roundup for the week ended March 22, a diverse lot of billion-dollar deals helps keep the totals respectable — though far short of the prior "Merck Week." March 23, 2009

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