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  • Advertising ROI and Brand Value

    Attempts to gauge the ROI of advertising hinge on determining a brand's overall value. November 1, 2001

  • Lifetime Customer Value

    New business is great, but generally it's a lot cheaper to hold on to existing customers. September 15, 2001

  • 2001 Working Capital Survey - Chart 1

    AEROSPACE July 1, 2001

  • E-metrics: Refer Madness

    Web sellers are adopting new performance metrics. The question is: Are they any better than the old performance metrics? June 15, 2001

  • Testing Web Sites

    Choice modeling enables managers to get a sense of how changes to a Web site will affect consumer behavior -- before the changes are actually made. April 15, 2001

  • CFO's Third Annual Knowledge Capital Scorecard

    Valuing things like patents, R&D, and human capital may not be easy. But with intangible assets now driving corporate performance, assessing the investestment in those assets has become crucial. April 1, 2001

  • On Further Reflection

    Do EVA and other value metrics still offer a good mirror of company performance? March 1, 2001

  • Web Metrics

    A handful of leading CFOs are breaking away from the pack with a new generation of performance measures for their online operations. February 1, 2001

  • What's a Merger Worth?

    The Knowledge Capital Scorecard offers a new way to value the Pfizer/Warner-Lambert merger. April 1, 2000

  • CFO's Second Annual Knowledge Capital Scorecard

    As intangible assets skyrocket at many companies, measuring them takes on a new urgency. February 1, 2000

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