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  • Smarter Insurance Shopping

    Cheaper premiums are ripe for the picking, and increasing numbers of companies are switching insurance carriers. Here's how savvy CFOs and risk managers can gauge whether they're getting a fair deal. August 11, 2005

  • A Capitol Effect on the Capital Markets

    The stock market responds poorly when Congress is hard at work, a new study finds. But the reason for those down markets is a mystery. August 5, 2005

  • Building the Healthy Corporation

    It is difficult, but vital, for managers to strike a balance between the short and long terms. July 12, 2005

  • Supersized ROI

    A new metric attempts to provide the ultimate context for technology investments. June 22, 2005

  • Boosting Returns on Marketing Investment

    Rules of thumb from the 1960s and '70s are losing their effectiveness. What's required is a more rigorous approach that treats marketing expenditures as investments. June 14, 2005

  • Power Steering

    IT governance combines technology with discipline, but not in equal measure. June 1, 2005

  • Not by the Numbers

    While finance chiefs do seek tangible results from executive education programs, they don't like measuring their effects in terms of ROI. May 31, 2005

  • Do Fundamentals or Emotions Drive the Stock Market?

    Emotions can drive market behavior in a few short-lived situations. But fundamentals still rule. April 13, 2005

  • Capital Ideas: Back to the Future of Valuation

    The inventor of a new valuation model claims to have a roadmap for value creation that includes signposts on how to set, track, and meet growth goals. April 7, 2005

  • A Question of Value

    Over 20 years, technology and technique have greatly improved the ability to price targets accurately. March 28, 2005

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