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  • Going, Going...

    Electronic marketplaces such as Covisint were once poised to revolutionize purchasing. Now, even ''evolutionize'' might be overselling it. July 21, 2004

  • Preventing Business Identity Theft

    Before identity thieves can target consumers, first they must impersonate a trusted business -- perhaps your business. Prudent companies are learning to minimize the costs to their corporate reputations. May 19, 2004

  • Profiting from Search Technology

    Searching for profit has become highly competitive. May 17, 2004

  • Business Opportunities on the Internet

    The internet offers huge scope for both business and leisure, but security urgently needs to be improved. May 14, 2004

  • The Weakness of Google

    Despite the hype around its IPO, Google is not certain to be an Internet winner. April 30, 2004

  • Electronic Procurement Moves In-house

    Electronic marketplaces were once poised to revolutionise the way companies bought and sold everything from paper clips to aeroplanes. Things have changed. April 13, 2004

  • Can a Business Grow Without IT?

    Well, OK, there is. But don't tell the Seattle-area bank that said no to ATMs, E-mail, and Web access. Can it continue to grow and remain monumentally frugal? April 6, 2004

  • Amazon's Lesson in Focus and Flexibility

    Ten years old and profitable at last, it offers a textbook lesson on how to be both focused and flexible. March 24, 2004

  • The New New Economy

    Don't look now, but E-commerce -- and E-commerce companies -- are staging a comeback. January 7, 2004

  • Enforcement of Customer Data Privacy

    Companies, Congress, and customers slug it out over some very personal information. December 1, 2003

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