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  • The New You

    Managers at some very old line businesses have quietly launched thriving online operations. In the process, these innovators have uncovered fresh sources of revenue. June 15, 2001

  • End of Last-Minute Premium Prices?

    Will online sellers like Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz put an end to the outrageous premiums corporations pay for last-minute travel? June 15, 2001

  • Why This Railroad B2B Needs $8 Million

    A B2B marketplace needs to balance its own checkbook before it can save six major freight railroads millions of dollars on their purchasing. June 12, 2001

  • Can PricewaterhouseCoopers Cure the High Cost of Drugs?

    The consulting firm is promoting a Web-based system that could lower drugmakers' costs and help them rush their products to market. June 5, 2001

  • Affiliates Attack!

    iBlast looks to use TV transmission towers to distribute digital content. June 1, 2001

  • Cyber-Pricing

    A growing number of major corporations are using eBay and various business-to-business online marketplaces as combination sales and intelligence-gathering tools. June 1, 2001

  • Can Covisint Shift into Gear?

    Will new technology deals help parts suppliers overcome their reluctance to join the auto industry's online exchange? May 29, 2001

  • In the Eye of the Storm

    This trucking company's CFO learned that being in the heart of Silicon Valley at the peak of the tech market was a mixed blessing. May 22, 2001

  • E-commerce Tax Bill is Bottled up in McCain's Panel

    Congress may extend the moratorium on E-commerce taxes, but a parallel effort to simplify sales taxes nationwide may get left behind. May 18, 2001

  • Why This B2B Software CFO Told His VCs to Get Real

    It wasn't until the Nasdaq crashed that a CFO of a B2B supplier found venture backers who actually understood his business. May 15, 2001

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